Ronda Swenson has over 23+ years experience in the event- fashion- modeling world. Whether you need your closet organized or a major fashion show produced, she brings her years of expertise and an amazing team to each and every job.

  In addition to her work in the fashion field, she has worked in the legal field for over 15 years. As a Paralegal & Social Worker/ Investigator, she has worked on criminal cases, dependency, family law, and most recently in the area of post conviction.
  Some might joke, her career paths are like living a double life. However, it is because of her in depth knowledge in these two areas that she is able to truly help guide people, both young and old. Whether she is helping a model learn self confidence,  a woman just starting back to work, or a child  in foster care, she brings the same level of compassion and understanding to her approach.

   Last of all, Ronda is a single mother having raised her beautiful bi-racial daughter Macy all on her own. ( With help of course from amazing grandparents and friends) Ronda has completed extensive units toward a PHD In Social Services with a focus on youth in the criminal justice system, she has a Masters degree in Education with a teaching certificate in Sociology, a BA In Sociology and last of all a Paralegal Certificate.

                                                                         WORKSHOPS IN FASHION & MAKE-UP

                                                                        San Francisco - Los Angeles - New York

These include working with celebrity stylists, fashion designers, and major cosmetic companies, editors of fashion magazines and newspapers, event planners, image consultants, store owners, color consultants, fabric experts, interior designers, talk show hosts, authors, photographers, tours of famous museums, Broadway plays and runway shows.  From these workshops, I have obtained wonderful resources.  


Manhattan Model Search, IMTA, ProScout,  Michael Production, John Robert Powers, Metamorphosis, Turlock City Arts Commission, Talent Marketing, Focus Modeling Studio, Rende Models, American Models, Southern California Model Management,  Barbizon, Various Courses in San Francisco, LA, NY. SLC Talent Factory Modeling & Runway Expert, Hair and Make-Up for YES Company


                                                                         EVENTS- FASHION SHOWS-STYLING 

Vintage Faire Mall, Barbie, Webberstown Mall, Valley Faire Mall, Tracy Mall, Tea Room Modeling, Mannequin Modeling, Vintage Gardens, Volunteer For Macys Passport , ITT Technical Institute Guest Speaker on Dressing for Success and Making a Good First Impression, Local Boutiques, Calendars, Catalogues, Websites,  Bay Area Fashion Shows and Events, Southern California Events, Photo Shoot styling and producing, Modesto Junior College Events, Bridal Events and Wedding Planner,  Flower Arrangements for Events and Wedding, Party Events, Personal shopping, Closet organizing, Window display for stores and events , Holiday Decorating at malls, Fashion Shows for Boutiques and Night Clubs

*** A portion of all proceeds go to purchasing clothing for youth in foster care. Ronda and her family did foster care for 20 years and she also contracts as a social worker-investigator for dependency attorneys. One of the requests that almost every single foster child asks for is new clothing. Often their clothing is worn, does not fit, or is simply just not stylish. To give a child new clothes is to give them a sense of confidence in themselves. When you look good, you feel good. Please help us to show the world that compassion is fashionable and it is something we should all wear everyday.

*** Ronda also has amazing connections. If there is something she cannot do for you, she will connect you with someone who can. 




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